It's time for a change in the global digital media and advertising landscape. Our mission is to lead the next generation of platforms that move the industry away from fragmented, siloed walled gardens. To a global, open interconnected ecosystem that brings all the modules of advertising, media, data, and AI together. Removes inefficiencies, and empowers our partners with the efficient liquidity they need to reach, transact, and the realize value of their greatest asset. Thier audiences. We are a collaborative collective that believes in the power of collective intelligence, and that we are stronger as a group than as individuals. Our superpower is a relentless drive to innovate. The most fruitful collaborations are those where we walk away having learned something new. We are curious, passionate, proactive problem-solvers. We partner with forward-thinking inspiring brands, agencies, and publishers.

01. Collaborate

Thinking at the junction of beauty and elegance to create strong, lasting and remarkable design and products.

02. Develop

All partners are not created equal. We believe in developing meaningful solutions that are built for their audiences.

03. Development

All partners are not created equal. We believe in developing meaningful solutions that are built for their audiences.

"I am thrilled to join Collective Audience as we move forward to build the next generation fully integrated end-to-end digital media and advertising platform that solves the many challenges the industry faces."

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Our Team

Our team has experience from scaling startups to managing large teams. Innovators, out-of-the-box thinkers who understand how to build disruptive organizations

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Chris Andrews  | COO

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Neil Reithinger  | Finance


Our Board of Directors

Our Board member's depth of experience and iterative approach to corporate strategy fosters collaborative thinking to further our overall value proposition and grow our worldview of innovation.

Elisabeth Demarse

CEO - Independent Director & Investor

Christopher Hardt

Group CFO at Abri Advisors

Nadine Watt

CEO - Watt Capital Partners

Dennis Duncan

Banking & Capital Markets Partner at PwC

Joe Zawadzki | Chairman

Entrepreneur, innovator, CEO, VC-> Learn More

Advisor Collective Community

Our Advisor Collective brings together a community of industry titans, disruptors, and thought leaders who share our vision, and advance our mission with insights and access that accelerates our ability scale.

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