The worlds first cloud-based [AMP] enables you to develop, manage and market to custom digital audiences.

Startups to Fortune 500 companies use [AMP] to build big data audience databases and develop highly customized audience so they are able to analyze, optimize and reach them by understanding the who, what and how.

oneQube’s [AMP] platform is powered by our proprietary Audience Graph, a fully segmented dynamic dataset of digital personas including their interests, social media profiles and employment history. Capabilities include:

Audience Data Warehousing – host and manage your audience data.
Audience Analytics – Know your audience segments down to the individual audience participant level with big data audience analytics.
Data Enhancement – using a single audience kernel such an email, hash address or @handle [AMP] can enhance it with hundreds of data elements.
Audience Licensing – run audience queries of your target audience against our 350m Audience Graph database and target them with your content or ads.
Social Listening – Listen and build real-time databases of your audience. Manage and analyze your followers in searchable segmentable databases.
Look-alike Audiences – use your audience data segments to built look-alike audiences from our 350m Audience Graph database or export to Facebook ads.
Cross-network targeting & re-targeting – Use audience data segments to target across networks.

Analyze audience segments down to the individual audience participant level. Data profiles allow users to:

– Market to them based on their self-identified preferences.
– Build relevant, highly engaged communities.
– Inform content creation.
– Extend marketing reach with look-alike audiences.