OneQube the leading audience automation software company announced that it has acquired Internet Media Labs which specializes in social audience development software and services, and Them Digital, a leader in machine learning content curation, and launched its innovative audience automation software stack to develop organic social and content audiences.

The purchase of the two New York City-based companies further increases oneQube’s position as the leader in digital audience development automation. “ The combination of Internet Media Labs and Them Digitals enables startups to Fortune 500 companies to build powerful social media and content audiences on a single platform, and harness their collective network effect to grow their reach, brand awareness, traffic, and transactions.” Said Exec Chairman Peter Bordes.

As part of the acquisition, Eder Holguin will step into the role as oneQube’s CEO. “The acquisition of Internet Media Labs and Them Digital brings together a strong team and technology, enabling us to launch our intelligent audience automation that solves the growing audience fragmentation problem.” Says Holguin. “Audience development software is essential for brands to be able to compete effectively in today’s every growing fragmented digital media and marketing universe.”

OneQube has launched a unified modular platform powered by machine learning that redefines audience development for the stack of a brand’s audience. OneQube’s intelligent audience automation enables brands to identify, track and retain their organic social and content audiences, increasing engagement, and harness their powerful collective network effect. OneQube’s audience development platform offers two solutions that can be used together or independently.

ContentQube intelligent content hubs leverage user trained machine learning models to identify, classify and curate SEO optimized content feeds. The ContentQube publishing terminal allows users to easily create custom feeds, augment curated content and create original content that can be published dynamically into a blog, hub or website. Users can also syndicate their original content across the network to drive organic traffic and SEO back to their site. It is ideal for brands, publishers and E-commerce platforms who have a web presence but struggle with creating and curating relevant content at scale while doing it efficiently and inexpensively. ContentQube automated content aggregation and publishing system is designed to attract, engage and retain a brand’s audience with daily fresh relevant content.


SocialQube social audience terminal is a fully integrated social audience terminal powered by searchable social databases with all the tools you need to build custom audiences, manage, analyze and engage real-time organic audiences. These social databases can be analyzed, measured and ranked by influence; allowing brands and social marketers to list, build, manage and market to their audience in segmented databases.

‘We have built the next generation of machine learning powered audience automation that enables companies and marketers to develop and understand the stack of their audience versus looking at them in silo’s” says oneQube’s CTO Tammo Mueller. “Our modular platform creates tremendous efficiency by integrating all the tools and big data of a user’s audience on a unified platform.”

OneQube Inc. is the leading audience automation software stack powered by artificial intelligence. Enabling brands and marketers to develop powerful engaged organic social and content audiences on a single intelligent platform.