Stop Manipulating Your Customers With Live Product Launches

When you launch your next product, should you use a live or evergreen product launch strategy?

I asked this question for a long time, and having used both several times, I now have my answer: I hate live product launches!

I know that goes against the grain, as the popularity of live launches continues to grow. I understand why they’re so popular, because I, too, have used a live product launch strategy to sell courses and programs, and they often result in a big payday.

That’s great.

Except there’s a fundamental problem with this. And it’s a problem that gives you short-term success with no long-term gain.

Why you should Illuminate, not manipulate

A live product launch strategy relies on one aspect: scarcity.

  • Countdown timers
  • Limited bonuses
  • Special prices
  • A “three day only” event

I understand the need for scarcity, as most people need an extra push to pull the trigger. The problem isn’t that we use scarcity during a live launch, but rather build everything around it.

Through scarcity, you manipulate your audience to take action when they may or may not be ready.

When it comes to a short-term payday this is great, but if you want to build lasting trust with your audience … not so much. But, it’s trust that’s fundamental to your success in 2018, because more than ever you exist in an over-crowded and highly competitive space.

Manipulation sets you up for short-term success at the expense of your long-term growth. It gives you money today with zero security for tomorrow.

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So, instead of relying on manipulation, consider the art of illuminating your audience’s pain so they buy your product at a time relevant to them.

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The good and bad of a live product launch strategy

None of this is to say there aren’t a lot of benefits to a live product launch strategy. I’ve used them myself many times in the past, and depending on the situation, I may do so in the future.

After all, a live product launch strategy creates:

  • A lot of money right now…