TikTok climbed to first place in the Indonesian and Vietnamese growth charts, thanks in part to a near-threefold increase in non-organic installs (NOI), according to the 2nd edition of the Growth Index by AppsFlyer. Showcasing the rise of various ad networks in the region, the index examined 90 million installs and 1,400 apps across Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

“Not only did TikTok post the fastest growth in the Gaming category across Indonesia and Vietnam, it also topped the Non-Gaming growth index in Vietnam (as a top five media source, TikTok was excluded from the Thai index),” said the report, which offers marketers insights to marketers who rely heavily on in-app purchases and ad monetisation to drive revenue. “We believe TikTok should grow to become one of the largest platforms in the region by some time next year.”

“With more people working from home and turning to their devices, competition has risen amongst players in the industry,” said Beverly Chen, the marketing director for AppsFlyer in the APAC region. “Moreover, we’ve seen that China-based networks have shown tremendous growth in Indonesia and Vietnam, gaining significant momentum in Southeast Asia. It really is a unique time for the industry.”

She added that in the current climate, the right data is crucial to success and enables marketers to focus on user acquisition and retention in the most efficient way possible. The report noted that 2020 has been an eventful year, with various regions experiencing fast-paced change, while competition rose as certain apps have experienced tremendous growth during this period.

In a bid to prove its audience depth, TikTok recently allows Shopify clients to install or connect a TikTok pixel with one click inside the Shopify dashboard. From here, influencer marketing effectiveness can be tracked with relative ease as can the creation of create campaigns and audience targeting.