When Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi announced he would be taking an “internet-free sabbatical,” I must admit, I was surprised. As community manager, I would keep an eye on Joe’s social media accounts. I knew he received dozens – if not hundreds – of messages each day. How can anyone ignore their tweets and tagged photos? Seemed impossible. Plus, my marketing friends and I are on social media for a good part of our day. The thought of walking away is a foreign concept to me.

But Joe did it. He had planned to disconnect for 30 days, but he unplugged for much longer than that. So I was giddy when Joe agreed to log back on to join the #CMWorld Twitter chat this week.

I don’t need to tell you that technology plays a significant role in our industry. But how important is it to “power off”? We had a lively discussion, excerpts of which you can find here. Take a look and weigh in by leaving a comment below. Want to see more tweets from this chat? Check out our Twitter Moment.

In our technology-driven industry, is it possible to limit screen time during work? Outside of it?

A1) Yes, it is possible. When you you’re at home, be home; when you’re at work, be at work! PROs: Take a quick “nonsmoker’s smoke break” to skim statuses and relieve that itch. CONs: Too much time spent can be distracting. #CMWorld

— Sonia Harris (@harrisonia) May 22, 2018