We at Content Marketing Institute recognize the importance of a good editor. Our editorial team relies on our editor to spot inconsistencies in our content, style, and format. Our editor improves the quality of our blog posts.

But let’s face it. Not everyone fully understands why an editor is needed. That’s why we invited our very own editor, Ann Gynn, to join us for a #CMWorld Twitter chat. Ann recently wrote about the difference between editing and proofing and how each can improve your content. Plus, our team would be lost without Ann and her expertise.

What follows are a few responses from her chat. Want to see all of the tweets? Check out our Twitter Moment.

Do all writers need an editor? Are there instances when an editor is not necessary?

A2) All writers need a second, third, and fourth pair of eyes. Someone to copy check, someone to content check, and someone to make sure that what you’re writing fits within the stated goals of your…