Product launch is a significant event that will affect how successful a product is. It’s essential for creating momentum and attracting customers, which is a crucial point of product development. However, it’s also very vulnerable and needs to be done right, or your sales could be annihilated.

Companies often make the mistake of ignoring product launch altogether while investing a lot of money in product development. In reality, the product launch is as essential as product quality. It’s essential to present what you have to offer in the best light possible.

That’s why so many companies take it very seriously. One of the newest approaches to product launch is using 3D animation, and in this short guide, we will talk about all the important aspects of 3D animation for the product launch.

What Is 3D Animation

3D animation is the practice of generating realistic objects digitally on a computer using computer graphics. These objects are placed in 3-dimensional space and can be moved around, just as in real life. 3D animation is used in many different industries, like medicine and gaming.

However, it can be used in any industry for product presentations and other marketing tasks. In the context of product presentations, 3D animations showcase products and their features visually.

Most commonly, these animations are used in videos to create the character, effects, and environment. This lets us communicate the positioning and branding of the product in a non-intrusive but effective manner.

The Price and Complexities Involved

A real-time product presentation in the form of an exhibit can be costly. It requires a lot of time and good logistics. Even when organized properly, many expenses are involved, making this traditional method unapproachable to many businesses.

On the other hand, the 3D animation product launch has a single expense – creating the animation. The only focus is on making the right type of video to truly represent your product and grab your target audiences’ attention.

You have to choose the right type of product video:

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos use 3D animation to showcase all the qualities and features of a product. They are used very often for product launch events, exhibitions, and advertisements.

Product Demo

Product demos explain how a particular project is used. Even though this type of video isn’t often used for product launches, it can be the right choice when you are launching a unique product that nobody has seen/used.

Teaser Videos

A suitable type of animated video to spark interest in your product launch. They show glimpses of the product and create excitement for what’s to come on the product launch day.  Apple uses this type of videos a lot.

Exploded View Product Animation

This type of video shows the internal elements of a product. It can showcase the quality of the technology and build trust with potential customers.

Benefits of 3D Animation for Product Launch

Catches Attention

People are attracted to visual presentations. When you turn on your 3D animation, people will turn their heads and start watching.

Engages Viewers

Not only does it grab their attention, but animation also has the power to keep people engaged. When done right, your target audience will want to watch your whole video.

Helps Promote Your Brand

Along with your product, the 3D animated video can also position your brand, showcase your values, and send out brand messages, thus helping establish brand awareness and visibility.

Communicates Information Easily

The human brain can process images a lot faster than text or sound, making 3D animation perfect for explaining all the features, functionalities, and details about your products.

Simplifies Complex Information

No matter how complex the information is, you can deliver it simply with 3D animated videos. You can create the desired environment, rotate the product, show its internal contents, and even demonstrate how it works.

Examples and Case Studies of Great Product 3D Animation Videos

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit has been out there for a long time looking to grab its share of the smartwatch market. With Fitbit Sense, the company finally made a product that could compete with Apple and other tech companies.

In their product presentation video, they highlighted some of the new technologies implemented in their smartwatch. They introduce the term “health watch,” as Sense is a smartwatch that monitors stress, body temperature, tracks illness symptoms, and heart health.


Sony recently released its launch video for PS5. This new console will be “the next generation” of consoles that would change the game forever. In their video, Sony presents real footage of some big human achievements and then transitions into realistic 3D version of those events.

The animation showcases the graphics power of PS5 and its capabilities. At the end of the video, the image zooms out of the console, showing that all those fantastic feats were happening within the console, signaling the new device’s capabilities.

3D Attracts More Attention Than 2D

Everyone can spot the difference between a 2D and 3D animation. People enjoy watching 3D animations and videos more than 2D, according to a recent study. 3D offers depth, perception, construction, and lets us visualize how an object looks in reality.

It gives our brain more information to work with and better understand how something looks, feels, and works. Simultaneously, from the animator’s perspective, 3D offers a lot more tools and tricks for showcasing creativity and adding astonishing visuals.

Furthermore, 3D can always bring something new. We’ve gotten used to 2D, and it doesn’t excite us anymore as it brings nothing new to the table.

3D Animation is Available to all Businesses

No matter if you are running a small start-up or a large corporation, you can afford 3D animation videos for a product launch. The cost of creating a solid 3D animation of your product is about half the total price of putting on a traditional product exhibition.

Furthermore, the price range for 3D animation can be very different from one animator to another. The critical thing to keep in mind is that these kinds of product launch videos increase your ROI exponentially. Simply put, the better the animation is, the more sales you will make on your product.

Take the time to find the right animation company. Do your research and see examples of their previous work. Compare prices and find the company that suits you best.

The Wrap

Successful companies know how vital product launch is. It contributes to the overall success of your business and helps you reach your target market. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to jumpstart your sales and generate interest around your products.