Hashtags are the Most Atomic Element of Relevance.

They literally attract and hold together real-time communities. They are also critical to targeted social marketing and getting your content discovered in searches.Twitter published an infographic for marketers to help them understand best practices to choose a hashtag for ad campaigns, marketing, and community building.The infographic takes marketers through the stages of choosing a hashtag to make sure that it will be used in the best way possible.

We applaud Twitter for this step in the right direct to help marketers from creating more noise to being more tactical in targeting signal vs noise. Or what we think of moving from broadcasting to narrowcasting. They still have a ways to go enabling marketers to do deeper targeting and filtering… So we built it for them in our SocialAudience. The deadliest Twitter marketing application in the Twittersphere to build targeted organic audience!

Created by TwitterUK’s Head of Planning Oli Snoddy (@olisnoddy) and was inspired by the social and innovation agency London Strategy Unit (@LSUsocial)

To find out how to use SocialAudience to find your social media Snow Leopards, please email us at connect@oneQube.com

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