We are thrilled to announce a ground breaking audience development channel partnership with PCG/Prism Digital for the finance industry. The new Reg A Plus crowd funding has opened up a large entirely new channel for content and social audience development. PCG/Prism is a thought leader who is leading the charge in migrating companies into the new era of building stakeholder audiences for their companies via digital and social media.

A New Paradigm for Social Media

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Jun 7, 2016) – PCG Advisory Group, a leading investor relations and integrated communications firm, today announced a partnership with OneQube, a company specializing in building dynamic social audience databases directly from social media and content sharing interactions.

PRISM Digital Media (PRoActive Integrated Strategic Messaging) is the social media arm of PCG’s comprehensive investor relations and communications offering. This unique and exclusive partnership for investor relations activities empowers PRISM to utilize OneQube’s platform to further enhance its core focus of building key stakeholder groups for clients.

Building relevant stakeholder communities through the strategic use of social media solidifies the intended relationship between corporations, key influencers and potential investors. OneQube’s proprietary SocialAudience platform develops highly engaged communities of targeted stakeholders, capturing massive amounts of social media activity and converting it into intelligent databases.

PCG’s CEO and Founder, Jeff Ramson, an early proponent of the disciplined use of social media to build awareness and aggregate meaningful exchanges, stated, “Now that Reg-A has opened the door to recognizing the intrinsic value of the appropriate use of social media, we look forward to wider application of PRISM’s step-by-step digital media methodology. Partnering with OneQube will greatly enhance our stakeholder awareness capabilities. The ideal timing of this partnership ties in perfectly with newly sanctioned financing regulations and the growing use of social media and crowdsourcing to build investor awareness.”

OneQube CEO Peter Bordes’ vision springs from a grounded understanding of traditional & digital media. Bordes said, “In today’s digital economy, every company is a media company and every person is a brand. Social media pervasiveness and ‘content as king’ have created incredible opportunities for companies to build and own their own audiences. People consistently self-identify through social media conversations and content sharing, telling you who they are, what they like, what they do not like, and everything you need to know to connect your brand, product or content to consumers who want to hear from them. For companies seeking investors, OneQube and PRISM apply intelligent automated tools that find relevant commonalities and aggregate real-time data at a previously unheard of scale. The end result is identifying and connecting with the people you are looking to find you.”

About PRISM Digital Media:
PRISM is a leading Digital Asset Management firm, designed to support companies seeking to optimize and leverage their digital and social opportunities. It brings together a team of innovators with social media and financial expertise, dedicated to meaningful crowdsourcing through social profile building, thought leader development and awareness strategies. PRISM Digital Media works seamlessly with publicly traded or privately held companies to brand their missions online through the intelligent use of social media and digital technologies. www.prismdigitalmedia.com

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About PCG Advisory Group:
Founded in 2008 and headquartered in New York City, PCG Advisory Group is dedicated to the delivery of top tier investor relations, strategic advisory, communications, and innovative digital media services for the micro and small cap public company marketplace. PCG has extensive experience with life sciences, technology, energy and other emerging growth companies, both in the US and internationally.

PCG’s team of senior level professionals bring many years of direct advisory experience, along with unique and high quality relationships amongst the investment and media communities. Our primary focus is building a shareholder base and expanding market awareness through very professional methods and initiatives.

PCG’s Capital Markets Advisory Services include overall investor marketing and communications strategy development to increase and leverage awareness, visibility and credibility. PCG’s Social and Digital Media services include maximizing social and professional digital media channels to effectively and accurately communicate clients’ specific opportunities. http://pcgadvisory.com

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About OneQube:
OneQube is the leading audience development platform to build, manage and engage powerful organic social and content audiences. Business organizations of any size — from startups to Fortune 500 companies — can now build and own their own passionate audiences, harnessing powerful collective network effects for their brands. www.oneqube.com

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