Collective Audience, Inc. (Nasdaq: CAUD), a leading innovator of
audience-based performance advertising and media, has appointed digital marketing industry veteran,
Christopher Andrews, as chief operating officer.

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Andrews brings to Collective Audience more than 21 years of business leadership experience, along with
an exceptional talent for unlocking revenue opportunities and helping companies build world class IT
and technology operations.

As a former Ogilvy Health and WPP chief technology and information officer, he also brings to Collective
Audience an extensive record of achievement, including being part of the team that grew Ogilvy Health
from $100 million to $700 million in revenues through technological innovation, unique client solutions,
well-targeted tech stacks and efficient data management platforms.

“We welcome Chris’ know-how and deep experience in digital marketing, including the integration of
technology, operational process, people and data that has driven profitable growth and positioned
companies for long-term success,” stated company CEO, Peter Bordes. “His CIO and CTO experience,
including managing WPP’s 320-member global team and growing its business, makes him a perfect fit
for our vision and mission. We look forward to his contributions as Collective Audience builds a full stack
integrated platform for audience-based performance advertising and media.”

Andrews also previously served as chief digital officer and COO of MediaJel, where he transformed its
operations into a scalable digital marketing solution for regulated industries.

Commented Andrews: “I joined Collective Audience because I recognized it has a unique opportunity to
disrupt the world of performance digital advertising by harnessing the collective intelligence of people,
technology and audience data. Publishers and brands of all sizes will finally have a modern end-to-end
solution to grow their audiences. They will be able to develop their audience data assets without
wasting time and money on ineffective digital advertising or the wrong audience, or struggle with
disparate siloed solutions and walled gardens. Collective Audience will provide a singular yet fully
comprehensive modular platform that is built for today and tomorrow versus legacy systems.

Andrews earlier served as the chief digital officer of Kubient, a cloud-based software platform for digital
advertising, where he helped build and patent the industry’s first real-time bidding digital out-of-home
(DOOH) advertising solution that connects DOOH screens into the digital marketing ecosystem. This
technology enables marketers and owners to increase audience reach, enhance access efficiency and
maximize inventory fill rates.

Andrews also earlier served on the board of TenFour, a Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, until it was
acquired by Acuative in March of 2022.

He is the founder and CEO of D&B Labs, where he has helped technology start-ups advance their go-to
market strategies and operational processes, enabling them to scale. He holds a Bachelor of Science in
mechanical engineering and MBA from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

About Collective Audience
Collective Audience provides an innovative audience-based performance advertising and media
platform for brands, agencies and publishers. The company has introduced a new open, interconnected,
data driven, digital advertising and media ecosystem that will uniquely eliminate many inefficiencies in
the digital ad buyer and seller process for brands, agencies and publishers. It will deliver long sought
after visibility, complementary technology, and unique audience data that drives focus on performance,
brand reach, traffic and transactions. For the AdTech providers and media buyers who come onto Collective Audience’s platform, they will be
able to leverage audience data as a new asset class, powered by AI as an intelligence layer to guide
decision making.

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