Collective Audience, Inc. (Nasdaq: CAUD), a leading innovator of audience-based performance advertising and media, has formed the Advisor Collective, a new strategic advisory community designed to advance the company’s mission of transforming the AdTech, MarTech and digital media industry.

Collective members will include industry executives with decades of leadership experience across AdTech, MarTech, digital marketing, media, AI, data acquisition and related technologies. Among various roles, members will provide input on Collective Audience’s full stack integrated platform and marketing strategy.

This includes guiding and assisting the company to identify and complete complementary acquisitions that build upon its ecosystem of integrated technologies and audiences. Member input will also help Collective Audience extend its reach into key industry segments and expand its ecosystem.

“Our new Advisor Collective will bring together a community of industry titans, disruptors, and thought leaders who share our vision of creating a next generation advertising and media platform,” stated Collective Audience CEO, Peter Bordes. “They will function as a ‘think-tank’ or TED Talks group to hyper collaborate on solving the issues and challenges brands and agencies face in today’s highly fragmented digital ad and marketing space—from the death of the cookie to fragmentation between buyers, sellers, audiences, and walled gardens—all further compounded by lack of liquidity, innovation and access to audience data.”

The Advisor Collective will address these issues while helping to accelerate Collective Audience’s penetration of its large and growing markets, particularly with strategic acquisitions that bring together previously disparate technologies as building blocks with uniquely powerful integrations and AI capabilities.

“The launch of Advisor Collective demonstrates our commitment to do things differently and surround ourselves with the best and brightest who are aligned with our core collective belief that we are stronger together rather than in our separate silos. For companies of today and tomorrow, we see the next step in the evolution from the advisory board in 1999 and advisor network in 2010 is our Advisor Collective. As a collective, we believe we can better effect positive change at scale.”

The company plans to announce each new members individually, highlighting their experience and achievements, and how they will contribute to the Advisor Collective and the mission of Collective Audience. The company plans to host its first Advisor Collective meetings and events beginning early next year.

About Collective Audience
Collective Audience provides an innovative audience-based performance advertising and media platform for brands, agencies and publishers. The company has introduced a new open, interconnected, data driven, digital advertising and media ecosystem that will uniquely eliminate many inefficiencies in the digital ad buyer and seller process for brands, agencies and publishers. It will deliver long sought-after visibility, complementary technology, and unique audience data that drives focus on performance, brand reach, traffic and transactions.

For the AdTech providers and media buyers who come onto Collective Audience’s platform, they will be able to leverage audience data as a new asset class, powered by AI as an intelligence layer to guide decision making.

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