“I was on a train that was traveling faster than the speed of light. The storm was the fiercest I had ever seen. Thunder and lightning amassed the night sky in wondrous might” – Original post by  on LinkedIN

Einstein formulated his theory for General Relativity after he realized his theory of special relativity was missing something essential to its inherent brilliance.

This stroke of genius only comes in moments of genuine inspiration. In these moments, we are offered insight into new dimensions and new ways of looking at our visible universe, which would otherwise not exist in our purview.

How far have we come now that we have a digital universe? A universe that is just as complex, a universe that is difficult to discern and quantify, a universe where data is everywhere and everything. Scientific theories abound! Our models are just the horizon for trying to see what strays beyond…

Boil this down to the individual within the digital universe and you have a wealth of genuine touch-points, breadcrumbs, and strings of data that can help build more efficient and sustainable mechanisms across a range of redefined applications.

This is how I feel about OneQube‘s SocialQube & ContentQube platform (s).

The value of the ContentQube and SocialQube tools are undeniable. The key highlight is relevancy; the holy grail of “timing” under a digital entropic landscape. The only way to get there is by crunching and analyzing more digital “breadcrumbs” and utilizing those breadcrumbs in the right context at the right moment to the right individual.

Aside from the obvious applications, there are a few other players who could find this type of data collection, analytics and usage actually useful, which may open up new revenue opportunities to help monetize this.

We know in this world where the consumer reigns supreme, every data point is tested and measured. Brands, social listeners, small and medium size business owners, marketers, advertisers all the way up to the enterprise level WANT to reach those genuine moments of inspiration…to buy, to sell, to attract, to engage… but data is like oil…digging the well is not where the costs go… the real players extract, refine and transport…that is where the value is and the crown lies…

So here are a few examples where OneQube can tap into applications that are in the process of getting redefined by new modes of data collection and analytics:
– CRM & DMP Integration.
– Reinforced Machine Learning for SEO optimization.
– AI DIY Web Platforms that can utilize this data to optimize functionality or front-end elements in near real-time to suit multiple audience segments and consumer bases at one time.
– Predictive Analytics ranging from Counterterrorism Operations (Monitoring Social Media) to determining various outcomes on Policy initiatives and making better informed policy decisions.
– Understanding the Geo-Political Landscape and interactions between subsegments or subcultures of a given country or zone. This could prove highly useful during election season.
– Financial Trading and Statistical Market Analysis to offer new economic paradigms for both localized and distributed growth strategies.
– Consolidation of Deep learnings & Insights from in-house business intelligence software.
– Urban & City Planning Initiatives – Crowdsourcing data down to the zip level and beyond.

OneQube can offer companies the tools and insights to make better informed decisions around their productization strategies – helping them save money, time and effort on products or services that may not offer the kind of sustainable value over the long run.

I just named a few, but there’s no denying the wealth OneQube applications can do. Let’s suffice it to say the growth paths are untapped and the focus is there.

Let OneQube lead you to where Einstein felt on that train…at the genesis of inspiration and relevance. That’s where heavy lies the crown.