To help give organizations control of the data acquisition process while saving time and money, Narrative, the world’s #1 Data Commerce Platform, today announced the launch of Buyer Studio. The new software offering enables organizations to find and access the precise data they need while automating the most time- and labor-intensive aspects of buying data.

Buyer Studio makes it easy to find and buy precise datasets by automating the most time- and labor-intensive aspects of buying data.

Easily Create and Buy Custom Datasets With Buyer Studio

Traditionally, buying data is a cumbersome, manual, and highly inefficient multi-step process, involving various internal teams working over numerous months to find and evaluate suppliers, negotiate terms, run ETL, normalize schemas, integrate with other systems, and so on. Now, with Buyer Studio, organizations can simply find the precise data they need, place an order, and have it delivered directly to the systems they want, all with just a few clicks.

Buyer Studio is a self-service, no-code application, enabling users of any technical skill level to filter through trillions of rows of data easily and quickly from dozens of suppliers to create and purchase strategic, customized, and budget-friendly datasets without needing to involve legal teams or data engineers.

Buyer Studio is the most flexible, scalable, and cost-effective data acquisition solution on the market, providing:

  • Detailed filtering options enable users to find and purchase only the exact observations they need, and none that they don’t
  • Custom budget controls protect buyers from overspending
  • Automatic deduplication ensures buyers never pay for the same data point more than once

According to Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative, “Traditionally when you buy from a data broker, you have no say in the data you receive—you get what they offer you, and that’s it. You are also most likely getting and paying for duplicate data. Narrative Buyer Studio is a synthesizer that provides all of the data that businesses want and need and makes it accessible via easy-to-use, understandable, and affordable options.”

“With Buyer Studio, buyers no longer need to accept data from a firehose and waste money paying for duplicate and useless information. Buyers have the flexibility of buying data from one or many providers, transparency into how and when the data was collected, and the confidence of knowing that the data they purchase is exactly what they want. With Buyer Studio they can customize, filter, and control the data they need with no duplicates and set their price,” added Jordan.

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