Giving advice on how to develop a blog is not difficult, but it may very well be moot. If there is nothing you are really passionate about or if there is nothing you can speak about for numerous hours, building a blog is not what you need, however easy it may be.

At first, blogging consisted of a personal weblog, where an individual would write down about activities of their day. The term blog was coined form weblog. And just like a lot of internet innovations, many individuals saw the marketing possibilities of having a blog and blogging kicked off from there. To put things in perspective, WordPress was designed for blogging and became the most widely used site building platform.

 A blog, aside from being utilized for direct monetizing, can be a great tool for businesses.

 If you are the owner of a small business, there is a possibility that you may be wondering if the effort and time you would input in blogging is worth it. This is an answer which is easy: yes! Blogging, frequently, can be done with ease and is a great way to draw traffic to your website, inbound your marketing efforts and draw in additional potential clients.

 According to Inbound Marketing Report statistics acquired from Hubspot in 2012, the significance of blogging was (and still is) crucial. The study stated that over 50 percent of the organizations who own a blog realized that they were able to get customers via their blog. In the same study, a marketer’s survey showed that over 80 percent of businesses deem business blog crucial for their organization.

 The great news is that beginning a blog or the addition of a blog to your website already in existence is affordable and quite easy. There are a host of free alternatives like Blogger and