Social sites are a real miracle of the modern world.

Millennials that move away from personal interactions find a new safe harbor in various social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. 90.4% of millennials have active accounts, according to eMarketer! Surely, it’s unforgivable to waste such a rich source of customers.

Evolving from a simple and efficient communication platform to the global ecosystem that unites billions of people, media projects became major projects with promising features for various businesses. Only local brands that don’t rely on online interaction don’t have personal pages in networks now.

The article covers the main questions related to the benefits of SMM and ways to organize effective social media campaigns to make the business even more successful. But we want to start with a foreword.

Primary Challenges of Current Businesses

To make a good software product, you should understand what the company needs and which problems the planned app will solve. The same is true for SMM. Means, you must clearly realize the challenges of your business, current and upcoming problems, potential issues with all possible parties, and so on.

As for 2019, the biggest challenges are as follows:

  • Data overload. Information is the only essence that grows constantly without meeting the law of conservation of energy. Nowadays, there are exabytes (million terabytes) of data with significant part related to social networks.
  • Globalization. Businesses often focus on new markets, cultures, and customers. Fast rates of globalization that merges various communities offer more opportunities but also more challenges. Interactions via social sites can smoothen this process greatly.
  • Regulations. Financial, energy, and environmental policies, as well as other governmental decisions, affect businesses and force them to adapt. As well, these regulations cover social media work, including sensitive data protection and sharing.
  • Technologies. Similarly to new laws, innovations emerge regularly. If you want to keep pace, consider studying new technologies and business practices. Youngsters from social networks can help with this as they’re often aware of all the changes.
  • Uncertainty. Corporations can’t be sure in the future because of various unpredictable factors like new regulations, financial crises or disasters. With proper social analysis, it’s possible to forecast clients’ needs and plan business development better.

This list includes general issues that don’t depend on industries. Still, your team can face more problems related to specific processes, e.g. climate change issues in the energy sector or security tasks in the banking industry.

At all, SMM isn’t a magic wand that solves all problems but it can help businesses to meet some of the mentioned challenges, improve customers’ loyalty, and increase profitability.

SMM in a Nutshell

SMM is a complex approach to the promotion of a given product, service or the entire company in social networks. Teams hire SMM specialists to improve brand awareness, engage new customers, deliver unique offers, and so on. Considering 45% of the world’s population presented as active users, the usefulness of SMM looks indisputable for literally all industries.

Nonetheless, skilled social media managers are rare. 73% of companies asked by Buffer believe that SMM is very effective or somewhat effective but it’s often treated as a secondary task and handled by other employees that must focus on other processes, as well. It’s essential to educate yourself and/or stakeholders about social networks if you want to develop a viable promotional strategy. For this, check the suggestions below.

Social Media Marketing Definitive Benefits

Marketing via social platforms features advantages that may look pretty obvious. Really, we all realize that young people spend hours (2:22 per day, to be precise) scrolling Facebook feed or checking tweets so marketers can engage them using specially designed posts. Plus, we know that social systems are vital for advertising.

However, it’s not always easy to start your own social media campaign. To help with this task, we gathered five key benefits of proper SMM so you can clearly understand how good promotions can boost your business. Without further ado, let’s start with the main strength!

1. A New Traffic Source

A working business is like a building with several doors through which clients can get into. A website is the first door. Physical advertisements on billboards are the second door and so on. In this case, each social media page acts as an additional entry point for customers. They can find your account, check the main info, then proceed to the website, and, finally, purchase something or share this info. Just imagine how much new users you receive from Facebook and YouTube with a total audience of 4.22 billion!

Key takeaway: social media accounts generate more inbound traffic and new leads.

2. Better Brand Recognition and Loyalty

The previous point leads to better brand awareness and advocacy because more people learn about your company and can easily share their experience with friends. It’s similar to multiple banners with the brand’s title all around the city but in digital form. When people scroll their feeds and regularly spot your posts or ads, they are likely to read about the business, at least. Moreover, Convert&Convert study reveals that 53% of Americans who follow social pages of given brands feature higher loyalty to these brands.

Key takeaway: networks educate people about your offerings and boost their loyalty.

3. Higher Conversion Rates

Put simply, every image, text or video is another entry point for customers. With more top-quality content, clients will be more likely to click the link or send a message, means, they will turn into potential buyers. Surely, not all interactions are successful conversions but they definitely create more opportunities for these conversions. The reasons for higher rates are different but the most important relates to humanization. Teams presented in media are closer to end users that fell more personalized attitude.

Key takeaway: with social accounts, you have more entry points for clients.

4. Improved SEO

Talking about traffic and conversions, we can’t miss search engines. Normally, people can find your business using Google or other browsers and typing specific keywords. To make sure that your site will be presented on the first page of results, you should invest in SEO aka optimization of search engines. Now, systems react to social media activity in addition to meta-texts, regular updates, and relevant content. Means, you want to do proper SMM to improve search results and engage people to explore your offerings more carefully.

Key takeaway: active social pages boost SEO and increase brand trustworthiness.

5. More Satisfied Customers

As businesses become closer to people in social systems, they can deliver a better experience. For example, SMM experts or dedicated employees usually interact with clients in comments or private messages in a highly personalized manner. Timely and quality responses also improve loyalty. Even public apologies or thanks make your brand more trusted. It’s important to handle social marketing efficiently because slow responses or poor content management can result in negative customer experience.

Key takeaway: in social networks, you can communicate with users faster.

Other Advantages

Let’s also look at minor benefits that are useful for companies:

  • Networks are free so you can generate traffic without expenses at all.
  • Networks have paid advertising services for even better promotions.
  • Networks engage new users constantly so you get a bigger audience.
  • Networks are great for providing organic and viral content.
  • Networks allow spectating for competitors’ campaigns.

Implementing SMM

If you still don’t have a page of the company in any social system, consider creating it quickly. Most likely, market competitors already have active accounts that generate more leads and improve brand awareness. Similarly, think about designing elaborate promo campaigns to make your SMM more powerful.

We suggest hiring a dedicated expert instead of delegating marketing tasks to exist personnel. Thus, you will be able to handle SMM issues, spend less time and money, meet customers’ compliances, and get better ROI. Sometimes, it will be better to cooperate with dedicated development teams that take care of all SMM stages. For more details check Diceus dedicated development team.

Plan the development carefully and don’t ignore one of the most famous promotional approaches. Social systems are on the rise now so catch the wave!