The latest distance learning for the digital out of home industry from the DPAA.

The level of innovation in business, advertising and DOOH has accelerated. Companies have had to rethink their business models and their consumer-facing technologies. Smart vending machines, automated coffee machines, interactive digital kiosks, and digital signage screens have always offered convenience and interactivity. These platforms have also provided a great contextual platform for DOOH advertising. New, safe interactive technologies will revolutionize the business while continuing to ensure these screens keep playing important roles in our lives.
DOOH screens can now expand their business models to include shopper marketing analytics, connectivity, security, & transaction capability. Join DPAA, Intel, and ecosystem partners to hear their perspective on delivering the next generations of innovations.

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Learn The Latetst On

  • The future of interactivity
  • Attribution and measurement
  • 5G in DOOH
  • Responsive media

DPAA Presentation Subject Matter Experts

Maroun Ishac, Retail Solutions at INTEL

Matt Schmitt, President & CSO REFLECT
Anders Hakfelt, SR. VP Product & Marketing ULTRALEAP
Eric Hornsby, VP Sales, Board Member LG-MRI
Andreas Soupliotis, Founder & CEO HIVESTACK

The Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) leads the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) industry as marketing to consumers outside the home is experiencing aggressive growth versus advertising inside the home, which is continuing its fragmented decline.

The DOOH growth is due to societal shifts where people are spending more time out and about in urban areas.  Additionally, the proliferation of digital screens outside the home with their ad-friendly capabilities, coupled with the fragmentation of ad opportunities inside the home, paves the way for this continued ascension of media spend to DPAA members. The important and wide use of mobile and location data has further empowered these screens to become powerful targeting mechanisms offering up new means of addressability and attribution.

DPAA fosters collaboration between advertisers, agencies, ad-tech, mobile companies, location data, software, hardware and others while providing guidelines, standards, best practices and industry-wide research all promoting the effectiveness of digital place based advertising.